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Not only in Europe, more than 53 million wild birds are legally shot down by hunters each year, but also in other countries.

Several countries on the Mediterranean are famous for mass killing of migratory as resident birds. Lebanon is no exception and perhaps one of the worst culpits.

The estimated number of illegally killed birds in Lebanon is more than 2,600,000 annually.
Several storks on their way to Europe took a route between residential areas due to an unusual wind.
The hunters of Beirut shot them from the streets, the balconies and the roofs of the houses! A terrible slaughter took place!
We have received terrible pictures.

The images provided were taken in spring 2017 are from “Association for Bird Conservation in Lebanon” and give a glimpse of the situation.

Every spring hundreds of thousands of white storks and other birds migrate north to where they breed. About 530,000 white storks use the eastern flight route, a shortcut across the Mediterranean, according to a message from Stop Hunting Lebanon from 04 March 2019.

The Silent Mass Slaughter Of Storks And Migrating Birds In Lebanon

The slaughter was so terrible that the Ambassador of an Eastern European country sent a complaint to the Lebanese President about the killing of this beloved breeding bird. …

Lebanon: the slaughter of migratory birds — World Animals Voice


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