Revealed: horrific cruelty on Scottish salmon farms

Please, sign our open letter today. Urge the Scottish Government to halt the expansion of this industry.

Dear Martina,

since our ground-breaking investigation exposed the suffering of millions of salmon in Scotland’s underwater factory farms, nearly 100,000 compassionate people have signed our open letter to the Scottish Government.

Please, will you join them and add your name now? Demand a moratorium to halt the runaway growth of this cruel industry and prevent millions more salmon enduring such torments.

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Thank you. Your support is helping to end factory farming – not only on land, but at sea, too.

Kind regards,

Krzysztof Wojtas
Head of Fish Policy



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From: “Krzysztof, Compassion in World Farming”
Subject: FW: Revealed: horrific cruelty on Scottish salmon farms
Take action for fish


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Martina Patterson (April 27, 2021 at 11:18 AM)


Letter to the Government of Thailand and all concerned

Dear Sirs,

We are advocates for Sound of Animals Rescue in Buriram.
We are shocked to learn that the shelter will be closed in 30 days.
We sincerely hope that you will deal with this matter urgently.

How can the Territorial Department in Thailand decide the lives of animals that have been rescued? This is a competence relating to animal welfare and it appears that this Department is shirking its responsibilities by putting the lives of these dogs in danger. The Sound of Animals shelter aims to save street dogs, survivors or descendants of those who have been the subject of the dog meat trade in Thailand, a business that has been banned there for 7 years. The concern of this refuge is also to save the dogs from the slaughterhouses in Cambodia. Currently, this shelter is home to 300 of these dogs. They are mostly traumatized and will never be adopted. There is, however, an adoption program for others. In addition, the shelter also takes care of 700 dogs who are with foster families or who live on the streets. They are fed, vaccinated and receive veterinary care. They are sick, neglected, unloved and forgotten. Only Sound of Animals provides for their needs.

Unfortunately, the refuge is therefore notified of an evacuation within 30 days. We have launched an appeal for funds and purchased land that meets the standards in force for this refuge, which has a higher capacity than the current refuge. We raised money through donations to develop the land and build a fence around the future refuge. We need more time to raise the necessary funds for the construction of the boxes, etc. We got there despite the difficult situation linked to the Covid 19 epidemic with its lockdowns. We approached the Territorial Department for additional time, but they refused. The Livestock Department, which is responsible for animal welfare, tells us that there is nothing they can do. How is it possible ? The Territorial Department is going to demolish the refuge, whereas a period of 6 months would not be harmful to this Department. Sound of Animals is the only actor in the field who can provide support to these dogs and he sees himself deprived of his refuge.

These dogs will not survive if they are sent back to the streets. They are used to human contact, which puts them in danger of coming into conflict with the local population. They would also be more likely to be seriously injured, to be caught in the trafficking of dog meat to countries neighboring Thailand, to be slaughtered for consumption. Although this is now illegal in Thailand, it unfortunately still happens. Even if these poor creatures escape this fate, they are not armed to survive on the streets and will be delivered to all dangers. If the shelter is closed, no more dogs can be saved. In addition, dogs that are with foster families or in the streets will no longer be able to be helped since there will no longer be a basic structure to organize their survival. More than 1.000 dogs will then be homeless and released on the streets of Thailand!

We call on the Government of Thailand to take action so that this misfortune does not happen to these dogs who need help.

Please accept the expression of our highest consideration.

Martina & Shawn Patterson, Germany


From: Martina Patterson
Subject: Letter to the Government of Thailand and all concerned
Copy (CC):,…,
Date: April 26, 2021 at 08:04 PM


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Martina Patterson (April 26, 2021 at 08:04 PM)


We need YOUR help to Break the Cage – Take action now – sign the petition and call for an end to the poaching of wild bears in Armenia.

Dear Martina,


We need your help. Last week, we launched our petition to fight to end bear poaching in Armenia and rescue the bears still waiting to be freed, who are being kept in horrendous conditions throughout the country.

Whilst we’ve had a great response, we still need your help to get even more people to sign our petition, so we can end this barbaric trade one and for all.



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Sent: April 26, 2021 at 06:00 PM
From: “International Animal Rescue” info@internationalanimalrescue…
To: “Martina”
Subject: We need YOUR help to Break the Cage


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Martina Patterson (April 26, 2021 at 06:56 PM)


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