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Japan ready for whaling fight

Tokyo: Japan will robustly defend its whaling program at the UN’s top court this week, Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida says, as Australia and Japan ready to do battle over the legality of the hunt …

Sydney Morning Herald – June 25, 2013…


Australia begins international legal battle with Japan over Antarctic

by Peter Faretra

An unprecedented legal challenge begins tomorrow on Wednesday in The Hague’s International Court of Justice (ICJ) to stop Japan’s annual “scientific” whale hunt.

The Japanese whaling fleet is permitted by law to slaughter nearly a thousand whales every year in the Southern Ocean for the purpose of scientific research. However,the meat from the whale hunt is then packaged for sale in Japanese restaurants and supermarkets …

One News Page – Tuesday, 25 June 2013…


Eleven Fin Whales Caught in Iceland in One Week

Four fin whales were landed at the Hvalstöðin whale processing station in Hvalfjörður, West Iceland, on Sunday, brought in by whaling vessels Hvalur 8 and Hvalur 9. That made the grand total of fin whales caught in the first week of the season to 11. The quota is for 180 animals …

IcelandReview – 25.06.2013 | 11:15…


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