PRESS MIRROR II (June 24, 2013)


Pesticide residue found in 70% of Chinese herbs: Greenpeace

(By Yang Shu-min and Jay Chen)

Taipei, June 24 (CNA) – Up to 70 percent of 65 medical herbs sold in Beijing, Tianjin, Hong Kong and other Chinese cities were found to contain pesticide residue, according to the regional office of the environmental group Greenpeace Monday …

Focus Taiwan News Channel – 2013/06/24 23:08…


Greeting Whales, Not Eating Them

Inter Press Service

REYKJAVIK, Jun 24 (IPS) – After a two-year break, Iceland has resumed its hunting of fin whales. But environmental campaigners outside of Iceland are doing their best to stop it …

Independent European Daily Express – Monday, June 24, 2013 – 17:08…


Mekong giant catfish under threat from new Xayaburi dam

Amy Munday

By damming the mainstream of the lower Mekong River in Bangkok, Thailand, there is a significant new threat to the survival of the Mekong giant catfish, according to a new study commissioned by WWF …

Practical Fishkeeping – Monday 24 June 2013, 3:38 pm…


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