Boycott SeaWorld Girl PETA UPDATE – Thanksgiving Day Parade Update – 12-Year-Old Girl Shakes Up Parade

By James Rusher

I hate how this little shit is getting all of this attention. PETA, that atheist group of animal lovers, have put this 12-year-old little shit up to protesting the great SeaWorld over mistreatment of the Orca whales. Well, little girl, you are far too young to have an opinion and PETA needs to shut up or they’re going to feel my bone-crushing right hand … (blog) – November 29th, 2013


Exploding Whale Video: Viral Clip of Sperm Whale Explosion Collects Over 2 Millions Views (WATCH)

Matt Mercuro

A video of an exploding whale has captured the attention of millions of people all-over the world this week, as the clip has eclipsed 2 million views as of press time.

The video, which is pretty graphic compared to other YouTube viral videos, shows the guts, bodily fluids, and blood of a sperm whale during a recent explosion …

Auto World News – Nov 29, 2013 12:45 PM EST…


Hollywood Must Protect Animals

Ingrid Newkirk
President and co-founder, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)

The Hollywood Reporter’s scathing investigation of the American Humane Association (AHA) (… ) this week supports and expands upon what PETA US has been reporting for years: AHA monitoring is woefully inadequate, and as a result, animals used in film and television are sometimes put in dangerous situations and injured or killed. Last year, PETA US presented the AHA with a list of recommendations (… ) for making film and television productions safer for animals, but the suggestions were ignored, and the situation for animals appears to be worsening …

Huffington Post – 11/29/2013 12:07 pm…


Royal support for tackling illegal wildlife trade

Our president, HRH The Prince of Wales, on Tuesday joined a meeting with The Duke of Cambridge and the seven conservation organisations that are members of United for Wildlife – including WWF-UK. The group discussed technology, such as unmanned aerial vehicles, that could help the world’s wildlife rangers in their fight against poachers …

WWF-UK – 29 November 2013…


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