Last of government-owned research chimps to be retired (Video)

by Daisy Sullivan

“It’s time to say we’ve reached the point in the USA where invasive research on chimpanzees (… ) is no longer something that makes sense”, said Dr. Francis Collins, director of NIH, according to the Associated Press (… ).

The AP added that about 300 government-owned chimpanzees had already been sent to live out their days at Chimp Haven ( ), a federally approved sanctuary in Louisiana …

Newzy – Nov 19, 2015…


Video: These Daring Animal Rescues Will Brighten Your Day

Written by Michelle Kretzer

Deep, abandoned wells that once provided access to ground water are common in India. It’s also common for animals to fall down these wells and become hopelessly trapped, unable to scale the crumbling sides and reach the top, which is many feet above them …

PETA (press release) (blog) – November 19, 2015…


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