White rhino population continues to fall with recent death

Nicole Zelniker, Senior Writer

Ol Pejeta Conservancy in central Kenya, last hope to many endangered species, suffered a loss this past October with the death of the northern white rhino Suni.

Suni’s death leaves six northern white rhinos in existence. The species is now critically endangered …

Guilfordian – November 14, 2014

White rhino population continues to fall with recent death


How will Maritime Regulations Impact Antarctic Wildlife?

By Wendy Laursen

The 1770s were a turning point for Antarctic wildlife. Explorers paved the way for the fur seal trade and the region’s birds and penguins began to be harvested for food and oil. By the 1870s, whaling added to the impact on the region’s wildlife and led to the destruction of several Southern Ocean populations.

By 1919, Sir Douglas Mawson was calling for greater wildlife protection, and it is a call still heard today as the fishing, tourism and scientific communities have a growing impact in the region …

The Maritime Executive – November 13, 2014


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