No break for anti-whalers

Nicola Berkovic

ANTI-WHALING group Sea Shepherd Australia has lost its final court bid to obtain tax-deductible status.

The High Court on Friday delivered a financial blow to the militant anti-whaling group, refusing to hear an appeal that might have delivered the group tax-deductible status and ordering it to pay the tax commissioner’s legal costs …

The Australian – November 11, 2013 12:00 AM…


Video: Dramatic footage of Greenpeace ship raid

The footage, shot on September 19, shows a Russian helicopter hovering over the deck of Greenpeace’s Arctic Sunrise. Armed men drop on to the deck, while members of the Greenpeace crew are seen with their hands in the air …

Belfast Telegraph – Sunday 10 November 2013…


The Heartbreaking Poaching Epidemic You Haven’t Heard About Yet

Another ‘Blackfish’ Black Eye for SeaWorld: Teens Plea for Park to Free Captive Killer Whales | When Cruelty Comes Masked as Animal Welfare | And More |

View Online Version:…

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