PETA. Stands for Perversely and Exceptionally Terrible Advertising (Video)

Fallon picked up the PETA account about a year ago. Its first campaign (…) was dire.

Fallon does not do bad creative.

So when you do ask the question, ‘How did this get made?’ – which you do immediately, you look to the client for answers.

And find them …

Australian Creative – 01 May 2013…


PETA tries to stop the Great Bull Run

By Ronnie Blair | Tribune Staff

DADE CITY – Rob Dickens always thought running with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain, would be quite the adventure.

Getting to Spain to match wits with unleashed bulls never worked out, but undeterred, Dickens and his business partner, Brad Scudder, who specialize in extreme running events, decided to bring a version of Spain’s tradition to the United States …

Northwest News and Tribune – Published: April 30, 2013…


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