International Animal Rights Conference 2020

September 5th – 6th, 2020 – Digital Conference

Call for Contribution

The International Animal Rights Conference 2020 is a conference organized by activists of the animal rights movement for the animal rights movement. So, of course we are looking for animal rights advocates who wish to actively contribute as content providers. If you wish to contribute by giving a presentation or a workshop, please read on.

Types of Contributions

We would like to address all aspects of the animal rights work – both theoretical and practical. For the theoretical aspects the contributions will be in the form of presentations mainly whereas the practical aspects will most likely also include various Workshops.


Presentations are set up so that first the speakers present their topics and afterwards there is time for questions from the audience. The presentation should take approximately 20 minutes and then leave 10-15 minutes for the questions from the audience at the end.

Project / Campaign Presentations

The slots are intended to present currently active or planned campaigns, especially international campaigns of the animal rights movement. The presentation should take approximately 20 minutes and then leave 10-15 minutes for the questions from the audience at the end.


Workshops are intended to provide practical information of use in the animal rights work or about the vegan lifestyle. Workshops should provide approximately 15 minutes of information and then leave 15-20 minutes for questions and discussions from and amongst the audience.


Discussions are intended to collectively gather information of use in the animal rights work. Discussions should provide an introduction of about 5-10 minutes and then leave time to work on the topic for about 25-30 minutes.

Requirements / Who may Contribute?

All content provided at the conference is to be given in English, so to be able to contribute you need to be fluent in English. The only exception are small workshops that address a special area focusing on work in a certain country.

Besides that we will only allow contributions from people engaged in the struggle to end animal exploitation – which means that contributors must be vegans. We will not allow any persons associated with religious sects or right-winged groups to contribute in any form.

Speakers that are offered a slot to contribute will be accepted as the persons they are and not as respresentatives of organizations. If a speaker cannot attend, it will not be possible to simply send another person to replace the speaker – this will first have to be approved by the conference orga team. Also, speakers are not allowed to present primarily their organization, but need to present a topic of interest to the international animal rights movement. Promotion for certain organizations is not acceptable – this can be done in the form of stalls, but not during the presentations.

Technical Requirements

Since we will be running the IARC2020 completely virtual, speakers need to have access to a computer with microphone and webcam and decent Internet connection. We hope to find a conferencing system that will work with all standard hardware and operating systems.

Contact Us

After having read the above information and you wish to contribute, please send us an email to containing the following information:

o your name
o the names of the animal rights organizations you are involved in (if any)
o type of contribution
o short summary/abstract of what you wish to contribute

We will review your information and get back to you. Please note that we reserve the right to decline anyone the right to contribute to the conference. Also note that we will organize the presentations and workshops into topic areas and also that we have to limit the contributions in certain areas to provide room for diverse topics.

There is no deadline date for the applications. Once we have received enough interesting applications for contribution, the slots are gone and no more applications are possible.


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