Nunavut hunters celebrate spring by harvesting baby seals

“It’s tender right to the bone. You can even eat the bones“


Sometimes you just want to go hunting baby seals.

Paul Quassa, one of Nunavut’s most prominent cabinet ministers, made that clear to the most powerful people in the territory June 12.

Sitting for the final grueling day of a three-week legislative sitting in Iqaluit, Quassa rose before the Premier and his fellow MLAs to salute hunters in the High Arctic who usually hunt the three-to-four-month-old seals in June.

“They usually do baby seal hunting in Igloolik. Usually what happens in June is we do seal hunting back home”, Quassa said with a smile …

Nunatsiaq News – June 20, 2014 – 12:13 pm…


Officials Alarmed Following Dip in Mozambique Elephant Population

ABC News Radio

(MAPUTO, Mozambique) — Officials from the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) are asking for „urgent“ international action Thursday following the release of elephant poaching statistics in Mozambique.

Up to 900 elephants died in the country’s northern region over a three-year period, according to a WWF-commissioned survey …

WPRO – 11:35 AM Friday June 20, 2014…


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