The French connection


It could have all turned out so differently. Had Captain Jean-Francois Langlois and 63 pioneering French nationals arrived in the Land of the Long White Cloud a few weeks earlier, New Zealand would now be Nouvelle-Zelande.

In the mid-19th century, French whaler Langlois had negotiated with a local Maori chief to buy Banks Peninsula. The plan was to colonise the area and use it as a French port for the lucrative whaling industry … – 05:15 28/07/2014…


Op-Ed: When will the pilot whale hunt end in the Faroe Islands?

By Sasha Abdolmajid

The pilot whale hunt in the Faroe Islands will end in the not too distant future. In this the Faroese are mostly in agreement, even many of those who are pro-whaling. But until that happens, whale advocates will need to be patient … – July 27, 2014…


Abandoning pets to go on holiday is always the wrong choice for UAE residents

Dana Moukhallati

Holidays are a time to celebrate, travel and unwind, but this is not the case for many pet owners and their animals in Dubai.

As holidays such as Eid Al Fitr approach, animal welfare organisations point out that many pets are abandoned because their owners are unable to find them last-minute housing …

The National – July 27, 2014 07:21 PM…


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