As species die, what valuable knowledge dies with them?

by Stephen Hesse

In mid-June, The New York Times reported that U.S. President Barack Obama intends to use his executive authority to create the world’s largest marine protected area in the south-central Pacific.

For scientists and ecologists who have some inkling of the mysteries and complex interactions of the ocean’s myriad species and ecosystems, this move is a no-brainer …

The Japan Times – Jul 26, 2014

As species die, what valuable knowledge dies with them?


Communities receive international recognition for conservation of wildlife

By Deodatus Mfugale

Nineteen communities across the country have been presented with the WWF Leaders for a Living Planet Award, after conserving and protecting wildlife and other natural resources for a period of 11 years and thus putting Tanzania on the international conservation map …

IPPmedia – 26th July 2014…


Why Are Whales Not Recovering?

By Luke Rendell, University of St Andrews

When commercial whaling was banned in 1986 it put an end to a harvest that threatened the existence of some of the most majestic animals on Earth. With several species reduced to tiny fractions ( ) of their original populations, once the moratorium was introduced the expectation was that whale populations would recover. But in the decades since, only some have.

There are many possible reasons why this might be … – July 26, 2014 04:00 AM…


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