Australia plans to kill two million cats by 2020

By Jean O’Reily

Environment Minister Greg Hunt said that the government alone can not fund the entire efforts to save protected species in order to save them from extinction and private sector needs to step in with funding’s and other support.

Sadly it looks like the feral animals in Australia will be on the losing side. It plans to cull two million feral cats, which are said to pose a threat to Australian wildlife. He also said he wants to see control measures across more than 8 million hectares …

Press Examiner – July 19, 2015

Australia plans to kill two million cats by 2020


Commercial fishing in Arctic ocean banned

Contributed by Javier West

The new ban on fishing will be binding on the worldwide waters beyond the 200-mile exclusive economic zones of the five nations (… ) in the area, including North Pole.

The declaration (… ) builds on USA action in 2009 to prohibit commercial fishing in its Exclusive Economic Zone north of the Bering Strait until better scientific information to support sound fisheries management is available …

Rapid News Network – July 19, 2015 at 12:50 am…


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