Singer fronts campaign to save Maui’s


A well-known Kiwi musician is lending his voice to help save a group of endangered New Zealanders who cannot speak for themselves.

Phoenix Foundation vocalist Samuel Flynn Scott is one of a group of 13 well-known New Zealanders and conservationists who are getting behind a campaign launched by global conservation organisation Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF) to save the world’s most endangered dolphin … – 05:00 06/07/2014…


Animal rights protesters condemn Running of the Bulls: ‘Tourists are complicit in the brutality’

Natasha Culzac

The annual bull running event and subsequent bullfight is part of the San Fermin festival which gets underway tomorrow

Tourists cannot attend northern Spain’s annual bull running event without being complicit in the “unnecessary and archaic” murder of defenceless animals, campaigners have said, as they stage a protest against the tradition.

More than 150 activists descended on Pamplona’s main square today ahead of the nine-day San Fermin festival and its heavily criticised Running of the Bulls …

The Independent – Saturday 05 July 2014…

More information:

Protest highlights Pamplona’s Running of the Bulls cruelty…

PHOTOS: 100 ‘Death Runners’ Take Over Pamplona (Video)…


Like Fishing And The Ocean Ecosystem? Thank Whales

By News Staff

Whales are relatively rare and so they probably don’t make much of a difference in the overall ocean.

A team of biologists disagrees. They reviewed several decades of research on whales from around the world and found that whales make a huge difference and have a powerful and positive influence on the function of oceans, global carbon storage, and the health of commercial fisheries. “The decline in great whale numbers, estimated to be at least 66% and perhaps as high as 90%, has likely altered the structure and function of the oceans,” claims University of Vermont conservationist Joe Roman and colleagues in Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment, “but recovery is possible and in many cases is already underway.” …

Science 2.0 – July 5th 2014 11:30 AM…

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Oceans: Study shows whales are ecosystem engineers
Oceans: Study shows whales are ecosystem engineers


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