Japan’s whaling ship gets halal certification

Tokyo — Japan’s whaling mothership has been awarded a halal certificate to prove the whales it takes from the Antarctic Ocean are slaughtered in accordance with Muslim law, a company spokesman said Wednesday …

AFP – 22 January 2014


Japan’s Dolphin Hunt Ends for the Year—as Its Whale Hunt Continues

By Bruce Einhorn

Japan’s annual dolphin hunt may have come to an end for another year, but the country’s hunters aren’t finished killing mammals of the ocean. Every year, hunters in the coastal town of Taiji round up dolphins, herd them into a cove, and then kill some for their meat …

Businessweek – January 22, 2014


World leaders come to London to tackle illegal wildlife trade

On 12-13 February heads and ministers of around 50 governments from around the world will meet at the London Conference to agree how to tackle the illegal wildlife trade …

WWF-UK – 22 January 2014


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