Zimbabwe defends decision to take baby elephants from their mothers for export (Video)

By Roshina Jowaheer

62 baby elephants sent to China, France and the UAE

Zimbabwe’s government has defended its decision to export 62 baby elephants ( travel.aol.co.uk/tag/elephant/ ) to China, France and the UAE following criticism.

According the Independent ( www.independent.co.uk/news/wor… ), Tourism Minister Walter Mzembi said: “Our habitat is not designed to carry too many elephants that are in its environment. We have an over-population of elephants.” …

AOL Travel UK – Jan 10, 2015


Is Recreational fishing in the Mediterranean harming the environment?

Posted By News

Up to 10% of adults living in developed countries fish for food and recreation, they are not commercial fishermen. In the Mediterranean Sea that could be up to 10% of the total production of fisheries. Commercial fishing gets a lot of attention because it is a well-monitored and well-managed industry but a new study says recreational fishing and the authors are demanding greater control …

Science Codex – January 10, 2015 – 05:59 pm


Japanese expert criticises opponents of whaling programme – (full-timewhistle)

Editor: Michael BROWN

A new whaling researcher in Japan has criticised the opponents of Japan’s whaling programme after renewed criticism.

The expert attacked the criticism of his country’s whaling programme claiming that the criticism is unfounded. The Sea Shepherd Conversation Society has criticised the Japanese plans for a new non-lethal whaling research expedition describing it as “farcical” …

Full-Time Whistle – January 09, 2015 – 02:00 pm


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