You can’t make me go vegan: I love my meat


Of late I have seen some people on social media saying that before long, the entire world will be vegan; that farmers and food producers could go and get other jobs, either that or die out!

This also went for fishermen, people who have invested huge amounts of money in aquaculture, modern chicken production, free range eggs production, the dairy industry, apiarists, and so many other industries.

Many of these industries have not been perfect in the past, generally from ignorance, but times have changed and controlling bodies are now in place to monitor them. A lot of information published by activists such as PETA are wrongfully slanted, even manipulated to support their agenda.

I found a lot of the statements naive and not very well thought out, or in my view, extremely selfish, although I do not approve of cruelty, but in, let’s call it what it is, the killing of animals for human consumption in the most humane way possible …

Starts at Sixty (blog) – January 06, 2016…


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