The Slaughter and Consumption of Dogs and Cats Must End in the USA

Domestic animals like dogs and cats are not food! Tell the FDA to stop this brutal process.

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The butchering of dogs for meat is not a problem solely found overseas. In the United States, 44 states allow dogs to be raised and sold for meat, with only Virginia, California, Hawaii, New York, Georgia, and Michigan having laws that prevent such practices, classifying the consumption of dog meat as animal cruelty. Recently, the Pennsylvania legislature failed to pass a law that would ban the raising and slaughtering of cats and dogs for meat.

Due to unclear and porous state laws, it is legal to sell and consume dog and cat meat, and also legal to raise them for that purpose. According to the Humane Society, puppy mills are raising dogs that are sold to butchers around the country as a delicacy. These dogs are raised under horrific conditions. The barbaric and cruel practice of eating household pets is denounced around the world, yet it still happens in our backyard.

This practice cannot continue! The federal government needs to step in and ban the practice of eating dog and cat meat and the slaughter of these innocent animals for consumption. Urge the FDA to put a stop to this practice by recognizing the raising and consumption of household pets as animal cruelty!


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From: MaLu
Subject: USA: In 44 States Dogs & Cats are raised for Meat Consumption! Please sign Petition to ban this practice (Feb. 2015)


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Martina Patterson (Sat, Feb 07, 2015 at 01:37 PM)


Illegal hunting NGOs are stumped that cops not willing to meet

Kota Kinabalu: More than a year after first writing to the State police headquarters on illegal hunting of wildlife, non-governmental organisations here are stumped that their appeals to meet with the police have fallen on deaf ears.

In a statement, NGOs stressed that if left unchecked, illegal hunting will lead to further loss of Sabah’s wildlife and that as the agency entrusted to uphold the law, the police have a responsibility to sit with civil society and find solutions to the long standing problem …

Daily Express – February 07, 2015…


Legislation and Petitions Greet Shocking Meat Research Expose

By Martha Rosenberg

Who knew? The government uses our tax dollars to help the meat industry get more CPC (cash per carcass) in cruel and clandestine experiments at the 55-square mile U.S. Meat Animal Research Center (… ) in Clay Center, Nebraska. Even reporters who cover the livestock industry and animal research were shocked at the revelation of the government’s brazen and cruel service to private industry. The taxpayer largesse is especially shocking since the USDA also tells consumers to “Limit red meat” on its food pyramid page (… ). According to the expose, even veterinarians and workers at the Research Center themselves were shocked at the ruthlessness toward animals which has characterized the Center from the start …

The Epoch Times (blog) – February 6, 2015…


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