Are Chicken Wings a Danger to Your Unborn Baby?

by Julie Ryan Evans

Oh, PETA. The group never fails to surprise us with its outrageous antics, but this latest one is for the birds. The animal rights organization is trying to get pregnant women banned from a chicken wing eating contest (…) at the National Buffalo Wing Festival in Buffalo, New York …

The Stir – August 29, 2013…


(UK) Badger Cull – Guardian News Articles and a Poll…
Badger cull: do you sympathise with the saboteurs?

Activists who have in the past sabotaged fox hunts are reportedly planning to visit badger culling sites in the coming weeks (… ). Some saboteurs have already been disrupting traps and digging up baits. Do you sympathise with their actions?…
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Cull necessary as workable vaccine not ready, says Owen Paterson, amid protests as pilot schemes get under way in Gloucestershire and Somerset…
Badger cull: key questions answered

Find out whether the shooting dead of badgers will stop bovine TB spreading or how effective the policy will be in the long-term…
Badger cull: activists on night vigil yet to see dead animals

As marksmen begin their hunt in pilot areas, protesters step up their watch with groups looking out for wounded badgers
• Q&A: what the cull means (…)…
Badgers? They’re killable as well as cute

Controversy over the badger cull underscores Britain’s hypocrisy and anthropomorphic confusion over animals


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