Brigitte Bardot Calls For Fortnum & Mason To End Foie Gras Sales

French animal-protection groups – including the Brigitte Bardot Foundation (… ), the Society for the Protection of Animals, L214 and Rights of Animals, among others – have joined PETA’s (… ) call for Fortnum & Mason to end its sale of vile foie gras …

Look To The Stars – April 30, 2013…


Can PETA Get Latinos to Stop Eating Meat?

Giovanni Rodriguez

OK, this got my attention. PETA – the animal rights advocacy group – has launched a campaign (… ) to persuade Hispanics to stop eating meat, and it’s doing that by appealing to other urges.

The group launched a Spanish language site, PETA Latino ( ), which features this illustration on its home page …

ClickZ – April 30, 2013…


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