PRESS MIRROR (April 14, 2013)


Think your animals are safe in your backyard? Think again

By MARTIN MERSEREAU — Special to The Telegraph
(Martin Mersereau is the director of PETA’s Emergency Response Team.)

Dogs have been disappearing in Idaho. One dog, named Bean, was found shot dead and left near a canal. A hiker found another dog in a canyon, covered with a sheet and apparently beaten to death. Two other dogs, Gauge and Mac, went missing and were later found shot to death on a neighbor’s property. Two dogs were believed to have been abducted from a fenced backyard …

Macon Telegraph (blog) – Published: April 14, 2013…


Grateful to PETA for all their help

Jayke Fiske

As I write this, my dog, Penelope, is lying by my feet. She has one less leg than she did before, but she’s doing just fine. If it weren’t for PETA, she wouldn’t be here at all …

Tidewater News – Published 11:57 am Saturday, April 13, 2013

Grateful to PETA for all their help


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