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End the killing of these dogs

Save these dogs…

Stop the dog meat trade

Dear Martina,

each year, an estimated 30 million dogs are killed for the brutal dog meat trade in Southeast Asia.

Dogs are stolen from the streets or their homes, leaving their owners devastated. After days without food and water, they arrive at their final destination; a horrific market or slaughterhouse.

What follows is an act of extreme animal abuse: the dogs witness how their friends are beaten to death or set on fire with blowtorches while still alive.

With your donation we can help rescue dogs from this horrible fate, support local pet lovers, and protect dogs from being stolen. Ultimately we will work with local authorities and governments to make this trade illegal.

Will you help save these dogs from death?

Yes, I want to help them:…


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From: “FOUR PAWS International”
Subject: End the killing of these dogs


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Martina Patterson (September 12, 2018 at 04:25 PM)



To Supporters of ACAL, Animal Concern, SOSF and SAVS

Following the BBC Scotland programme Disclosure – The Dark Side of Dairy, I wrote to the CEO of P&O Ferries (see below). Attached is the reply I received a few minutes ago. As I requested P&O have banned the calf transporters from their vessels with immediate effect.

We now have to make sure no other ferry company takes these lorries and that Scottish dairy farmers adopt the welfare system devised by Finlay’s Farm (Cream o’ Galloway Ice Cream).…

To be honest even if the calves are shot at birth that would be a far better fate then they face at present.

We must also keep up the pressure on the Scottish Government (especially farmer and fisherfolks friend Fergus I-don’t-give-a-damn Ewing) to achieve a full legal ban on the live export of animals from Scotland for fattening or slaughter.

Several of you have had replies from MSPs which include many lies including the following: “Currently, the live shipment of Scottish stock to mainland Europe involves a small number of breeding, store and slaughter stock.” 5,000 4 week old calves destined for a hellish end is not a small number. If you receive a reply with any of this nonsense immediately write back to the politician concerned, demand they visit the BBC iPlayer and watch Disclosure – The Dark Side of Dairy, and that you then expect a full apology for the misinformation they have sent you.

Please be blunt but polite on this – Civil Servants and Government Ministers are spouting this rubbish and MSPs cannot be bothered checking or challenging it and simply repeat it in the hope it will placate the plebs and secure them your vote next time their very cushy jobs come up for tender. Let your MSPs know in no uncertain terms that you don’t vote for liars or callous cowards who will not stand up to oppose such obvious animal cruelty.

Cheers 4 now,


PS Excuse any typo’s – I’ve been working since Sunday and am now going to get some kip. As with all our mailings please feel free to circulate to others who might be interested.

E-MAIL FROM: John F. Robins, Secretary, Animal Concern Advice Line (ACAL), c/o Animal Concern, Post Office Box 5178, Dumbarton G82 5YJ. Tel 01389-841111. Mobile: 07721-605521. Animal Concern Advice Line (ACAL) is a recognised Scottish charity: No. SC030982. Animal Concern Advice Line was established in 2001 to take on the charitable work of Animal Concern which was founded as the Scottish Anti-Vivisection Society in 1876.

E-MAIL: Website:

11th September 2018

Ms Janette Bell,

Chief Executive,

P & O Ferries,

Channel House,

Channel View Rd,

Dover CT17 9TJ

Dear Ms Bell,

I write concerning the television programme Disclosure – The Dark Side of Dairy, broadcast on BBC 1 Scotland last night and currently available on BBC iPlayer at….

The programme documents the fate of thousands of 3 to 4-week-old calves exported from Scotland via Ireland to Italy and Spain where they are fattened until they are three months old. Some are then exported from Spain to North Africa where they are slaughtered under horrifically cruel conditions which would be totally illegal in the UK.

These animals leave Scotland on P & O ferries operating out of Cairnryan. As someone who has campaigned against the live export of animals for three decades I have great admiration for P & O Ferries policy on this which is:

“ …. we reserve the right to refuse any shipment of livestock if we deem the shipment to be in violation of animal rights. We are only prepared to ship breeding livestock, we will not ship any livestock intended for fattening or slaughter.”

On the programme last night a statement from P & O Ferries was given. It read “P & O co-operates with the Scottish Government on the shipping of livestock from Cairnryan to Larne for onward transportation to the continent.”

Your statement is extremely disappointing and disturbing. Statements made by both Fergus Ewing MSP, Cabinet Secretary for the Rural Economy for the Scottish Government and by the National Farmers Union of Scotland have made it perfectly clear that the meagre profits from this vile and cruel trade offset any concerns they might have about the welfare of the young animals involved.

The lorries carrying these young calves from Scotland to their sad fate in Spain and Italy and, worst of all, in the hellish slaughterhouses of North Africa, make a mockery of your animal welfare policies.

I ask you to act today to fully implement P & O Ferries excellent animal welfare policies and immediately introduce a ban on these poor animals being carried out of Scotland on your vessels.

I look forward to your response.

Yours sincerely,

John F. Robins,

Animal Concern Advice Line


Sent: September 11, 2018 at 03:42 PM


Sent by:

Martina Patterson (September 12, 2018 at 10:58 AM)


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