New Calls for Action! South Koreans: Stop the illegal dog and cat meat trades

Despite the fact that dog and cat meat consumption is an everyday occurrence and is being carried out all over South Korea, it is NOT LEGAL in that country. Their Government does nothing to stop this illegal practice and they seem happy to ignore it; many Korean citizens are just as apathetic and must also be held accountable.

This is the 21st Century, and it is high time that all South Koreans, leaders and general public alike, stand up and take responsibility to enforce their own country’s laws. South Korea and South Koreans cannot continue to ignore these brutal and unethical trades, so let us campaign to urge each of South Korea’s cities to enforce their laws and to put an immediate end to these illegal dog and cat meat trades.

Please sign our petitions and send emails and postal letters to the Korean cities calling for an end to these illegal trades. Click below cities to take action.


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Newsletter – October 18, 2018


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Subject: Korean Dog Meat Trade Documentary is NOW available on Youtube | More Calls for Action


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