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World Food Day is coming! Join us in making pigs the priority this year.

Dear Friend of animals,

World Food Day is an important day for animal lovers. And as a long time supporter of World Animal Protection, we know it means a great deal to you. On this year’s World Food Day, October 16th, we want to turn the focus to pigs in farming across the globe.

Because of supporters such as yourself, we have spearheaded many victories in relation to farming over the last few years and have already improved the lives of many pigs. But now, we have a specific goal: to raise $5,000 and improve the lives of 7,672 pigs.

To make this campaign a success, please be one of the two hundred $25 donors we need to directly improve the life of those 7,672 pigs.

While World Food Day is days away, please help us start this campaign off on the right foot by clicking the Donate Now button below. Your donation today will ensure that our team can act quickly and will encourage other naimal lovers to take the same step so that together we can imrpove the lives of pigs.

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Let’s celebrate this year’s World Food Day by giving pigs a life worth living.

With thanks,

Josey Kitson
Executive Director
World Animal Protection Canada


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