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Sealord cans controversial fishing method

One of New Zealand’s largest fishing companies is halting a controversial fishing method.

Sealord announced yesterday that it will not can tuna caught by FADs (fish aggregating devices), a move which is being applauded by Greenpeace which says a move to alternative methods is long overdue …

TVNZ – Published: 7:28 AM Thursday May 30, 2013…


The dog eats whale: Japanese company pulls whale-based dog treats (Video)

by Stephen Beard

“Dog Eats Whale”: a pretty arresting headline. It’s much stronger than that hoary old journalistic chestnut “Man Bites Dog” and it’s proved to be far more striking. A news story linking (…) whale meat to the dog food market has enraged conservationists, repelled consumers and panicked a Japanese pet food company into withdrawing one of its product lines … – Wednesday, May 29, 2013 – 08:48…

More information:

Icelandic Fin Whale Dog Treats Off the Shelves After Successful Opposition Campaign…

Endangered Whale Jerky Dog Treats Are Now Off The Menu…

Dog snacks containing fin whale meat pulled from shelves by Japanese company

Dog snacks containing fin whale meat pulled from shelves by Japanese company


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