PRESS MIRROR (May 22, 2013)


Fishing entrepreneurs condemn Greenpeace’s ‘vandalism’

By Analia Murias

The Spanish Fisheries Confederation ( Cepesca –… ) publicly stated that it condemns the vandalistic actions performed by the organisation Greenpeace (… ) at the entrance of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment ( Magrama –… ).

Twelve activists from the NGO were arrested on Tuesday by the National Police for chaining themselves to a fishing boat as a protest in front of Magrama´s façade, where they placed a banner with the slogan “Cañete, do not sink the fishing activity.” …

FIS – Wednesday, May 22, 2013, 23:20…

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12 Greenpeace activists arrested in Spain…


Rare wildlife caught on camera: red pandas, blue-eared pheasants, and more!

These rare images taken in remote habitats in China show the dazzling array of species found in central-western China, where the giant panda lives alongside many other species including the red panda, Tibetan stump-tailed macaque, golden pheasant and leopard cat …

WWF-UK – 22 May 2013…

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Strike a pose: World’s rarest animals are caught on hidden camera exploring their habitats…


Ban animal transport: PETA to hold protest against Air India


New Delhi, May 22: Wearing prisoner uniforms and animal masks, activists will stage protest May 23 outside the Air India office here after the carrier backtracked on its ban on transporting animals for cruel tests, the PETA said Wednesday …

Oneindia – Wednesday, May 22, 2013, 16:40 [IST]…

More information:

PETA protests against Air India outside Indian embassy Ottawa…


Adrien Brody narrates haunting new PETA ad (Video)

by Michael d’Estries

Moving short video illustrates the tragic lives of animal “actors” and asks viewers to put themselves in the place of great apes.

Academy Award-winner Adrien Brody is the voice behind a powerful new PSA for PETA focusing on the use of apes in entertainment.

“The great ape”, Brody says in the video. “He’s been forced to perform on television and in motion pictures for decades. Stolen from his mother at birth, beaten and abused behind the scenes. He’ll end up discarded in a roadside zoo.” …

Mother Nature Network (blog) – Wed, May 22 2013 at 10:20 AM…

More information:

PETA Gets Hands On to Prove a Point About Animal Abuse in Film (Video)…


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