Greenpeace Coca-Cola Ad Accuses Coke Of Killing Birds [Video]

A Greenpeace (…) Coca-Cola ad is targeting the popular coke producer by accusing the beverage industry as a whole of killing all the birds.

The Greenpeace Coca-Cola ad (…) starts out innocently enough, even looking like a normal coke commercial at first. People are shown strolling around the beach taking gulps from plastic coke bottles. Then the bodies hit the floor …

The Inquisitr – Posted: May 16, 2013

Greenpeace Coca-Cola Ad Accuses Coke Of Killing Birds [Video]


The brutal reality of whaling in Iceland: Sea turns red to satisfy the lust of gourmets

THE inky still waters of an Icelandic fjord are eerily calm until they are sliced suddenly by the ominous shape of a giant dorsal fin.

By: Stuart Winter

A second fin breaks the surface, then a third and fourth, followed by a bellowing rasp as a tower of water vapour shoots into the air.

The Northern Hemisphere’s most spectacular natural event is about to begin.

As many as 30 killer whale or orca, to use their scientific name, each equipped with senses far beyond human comprehension, are homing in on a shoal of herring … – Published: Thu, May 16, 2013…


Bethune strikes deal with Sea Shepherd


New Zealand anti-whaling activist Pete Bethune has settled a long-running legal dispute with environmental group Sea Shepherd.

Bethune, who was jailed in Japanese in 2010, had sought US$5 million from Sea Shepherd over the sinking of his boat, the Ady Gil, in the Southern Ocean … – Last updated 15:00 16/05/2013…


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