Tony Abbott says Japan’s attempts to resume Southern Ocean whaling will not harm relations

Prime Minister Tony Abbott says any attempt by Japan to resume whaling in the Southern Ocean would not damage a “special friendship” underlined today by the signing of a free trade deal.

Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe says his country will abide by the International Court of Justice’s (ICJ) ruling earlier this year that its whaling program in the Southern Ocean must cease …

ABC Online – July 08, 2014…


You run, bulls die: Manchester actress turns activist to charge bullrunning with Spanish PETA protest

By Stefan Mackley

A Manchester actress swapped makeup for face paint at the weekend as she joined a 100-strong protest against bullrunning ahead of Spain’s famous Running of the Bulls.

Altrincham lass Kate Laycy, 33, took part in the demonstration by wearing the Pamplona event’s famous white-and-red costume – but painted her face white and her eyes black to resemble a ‘death runner’ …

Mancunian Matters – July 08, 2014 – 05:16 PM…

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San Fermin 2014: Nottingham Man, 23, Seriously Injured at Pamplona Bull Running Event…


Daily Action: Stop Torture Of Cats & Dogs Being Boiled Alive!

July 8, 2014

In some cities in Asia, cats and dogs are boiled alive in scalding hot water for dishes such as soup. Some people even believe the more pain the animals suffer, the tastier the soup. This is a terrible and outdated practice that must come to an end.

We can ask that the UN fulfill its promise of the Millennium Declaration for a better world, including saving dogs and cats from this cruel animal torture.

For today’s Daily Action, sign the petition to stop the terrible practice of boiling live cats and dogs!

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Your urgent help is needed for 5 million animal flood victims

Dear Friend

The recent extreme flooding in Serbia has had a devastating effect on animals. Approximately 5 million animals that survived the flooding are now in need of urgent medical treatment.

The animals in these flood-affected areas have already been through so much. Now they’re at risk from crippling diseases and parasite infestations that are the aftermath of floods.

They urgently need vaccines and medicines to protect them from further suffering. Please help today. donate.worldanimalprotection.o…

We need to act fast to prevent more animals suffering and dying. Your urgent donation will bring much needed medicines to treat the surviving animals.

Please donate:


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