PLEASE HELP: 650 Dogs Need Vaccines

Hi Woehl,

Did you know that stray dogs are heavily exposed to life-threatening diseases because of their environment? Living on the streets and coming in contact with wild animals is one of the many ways a stray dog can contract:

• Rabies
• Distemper
• Canine Parvovirosis (CPV)
• Hepatitis
• Respiratory Disease
• Leptospirosis
• Canine Parainfluenza Virus

These diseases have a high mortality rate among dogs, especially newborn puppies.

But these diseases can ALL BE PREVENTED with a $5 vaccine!!!

Woehl that means that for just $25 you can help vaccinate 5 dogs to keep them safe against these 7 infectious, contagious, and fatal diseases.

Woehl please help us protect our dogs from life-threatening health risks which can easily be prevented with a single vaccine. Donate $25 today to give 5 dogs the protection they need to stay healthy and safe.

Thank you, Woehl, for your generosity.


The ROLDA Team

———- (February 23, 2019 at 03:31 PM)


Seoul Seongbuk-gu, Korea, Shut down the illegal dog meat farms, markets and restaurants.

Click here for more actions you can take:

Seoul Seongbuk-gu, South Korea, Shut down the illegal dog meat farms, slaughterhouses, markets and restaurants.

South Koreans: start taking responsibility for enforcing your own country’s laws: stop the illegal dog and cat meat trades.

In Seoul Seongbuk-gu, there are countless markets and restaurants, where the dogs, who are tortured their entire lives and slaughtered in the most inhumane ways, such as by electrocution, hanging or beating; and then thrown into boiling water – sometimes while they are still alive, are sold. Many abandoned and stolen former pets end up in this industry, and are subjected to the same cruelty. ……


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