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Jude Law Wants Seal Fur Ban To Stay Put

Jude Law has written to the World Trade Organisation to urge it to uphold a European Union ban on seal fur.

The British actor was writing on behalf of animal protection group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

The EU banned commercial trade in all seal products in its member states in 2010 amid concerns about the animal welfare aspects of hunting seals.

But the ban is being challenged by the Canadian government, and the WTO is holding a hearing later this month to settle the dispute …

Orange UK News – 20 April 2013, 15:19…


Restaurant gives up foie gras fight

Broadway by Amar Santana gives PETA the news, while Noah Blom of Arc is not ready to comply.

By Annie Kim

One of two Orange County restaurants threatened with legal action by animal rights activists has decided to stop serving foie gras.

Broadway by Amar Santana in Laguna Beach will no longer dish up fattened duck liver as a complimentary side to a $55 glass of wine.

“We’re calling it quits”, Ahmed Labbate, Amar Santana’s partner and director of operations at Broadway, said Friday. “I wish I had the money to fight PETA, but we don’t. We’re a small restaurant and we don’t have the means.” …

Daily Pilot – April 19, 2013…


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