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Whaling fleet kicks off minke hunt


ISHINOMAKI, MIYAGI PREF. – A flotilla of four whaling ships left Ayukawa Port in Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture, on Thursday to kick off this season’s research hunt for minke whales.

The plan is to catch up to 60 minke whales off the Sanriku region through early June and check them for radiation, industry officials said …

The Japan Times – Apr 19, 2013

Whaling fleet kicks off minke hunt


Animal Rights, Imperialism and Hunting

Jessica Thornton

Keesta had thrown the harpoon, and the whale had accepted it, had grabbed and held onto the harpoon according to the agreement they had made through prayers and petitions. Harmony prevailed, whale and whaler were one. (Umeek, Richard Atleo as quoted in Coté, 32) …

Indian Country Today Media Network – April 18, 2013

Animal Rights, Imperialism and Indigenous Hunting


Japan’s whalers begin next seasonal hunt in northern waters

by Ida Torres

The whaling (…) season in the north-eastern coastal waters of Japan has officially begun as four whaling ships left Ayukawa port in Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture. This season, they are aiming to catch 60 minke whales for research purposes, as is their loophole to be able to continue with the practice and “tradition” of hunting whales, despite the international community’s protests …

The Japan Daily Press – April 18, 2013

Japan’s whalers begin next seasonal hunt in northern waters


Greenpeace blames pesticides for decline in honey bees

Agencia EFE

Geneva, Apr 18 (EFE) – Greenpeace activists scaled the headquarters of Swiss chemical company Syngenta AG in Basel to protest use of pesticides that affect the health of honey bees and have led to a decline in bee colonies …

GlobalPost – April 18, 2013 12:01…


Captain Paul Watson: Interview With a Pirate tells it like it is

by Charlie Smith

Sea Shepherd Society founder Paul Watson has been on the receiving end of countless epithets since he burst into public prominence as a Vancouver-based Greenpeace activist more than 40 years ago.

He’s been branded a terrorist and misanthrope, been accused of arrogance, and even been saddled with the label of cult leader.

This is what Watson has come to expect after a career of disrupting the killing of whales, dolphins, bluefin tuna, seals, and other marine life … – Apr 18, 2013 at 3:00 AM…


‘Epidemic’ of illegal logging imperils Russian forests and tigers

The forests of the Russian Far East are being pushed to the brink of destruction due to pervasive, large-scale illegal logging, largely to supply Chinese furniture and flooring manufacturers, according to a new report by WWF-Russia.

This widespread timber theft is threatening the long-term survival of the endangered Amur tiger, while providing a conduit for illegal timber to find its way into the United States, Europe and Japan …

Surfbirds News (blog) – April 18, 2013…


Largest, rare species of turtle rescued

KARACHI, April 17: A leatherback sea turtle — considered one of the rarest and most endangered species of marine turtles — recently caught in a gillnet was rescued and released back into the sea, it emerged on Wednesday … – Apr 17, 2013…


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