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Hunt on to catch Japanese whalers


THE Sea Shepherd crew is still trying to locate Japanese whaling ships in the Southern Ocean.

Sea Shepherd spokesman Jeff Hansen yesterday said he was confident the anti-whaling activists would find the fleet in coming days, but stressed the difficulty involved.

“It’s like trying to find a handful of semi-trailers along the coast of Australia,” Mr Hansen said.

“But the reality is [Japanese whalers] would not have been in a position to whale during December and we’ll hopefully intercept them in the new year …

Perth Now – December 31, 2013 9:00 PM



British Citizens and UK Residents help to Stop the Dog and Cat Meat Trade in Korea!

NoToDogMeat: The Lucky Ones!

Posted By: J de Cadenet (campaign leader)


Hard to believe, but the photo attached shows the “lucky ones” some of the dogs who were rescued this year!

Raised in hideous conditions, stuffed in cages (like these) to await the vilest fate imaginable torture before slaughter, for no other reason that to satisfy the palette of nations who are in an economic boom.

Many know more about technology than we do and watching them invest in the West, we know it is not about necessity.

People choose to eat dog and cat meat, they choose the animal they want to be tortured. This is not cultural tradition, this is and always will be cruelty.


More information:



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Sign the Petition to the RSPCA: Stop the Killing of Disabled Dog Bobi & Give Him Back to His Legal Owners

PLEASE EVERYONE, sign Bobi’s petition to save him – the RSPCA want to euthanise him just because he is disabled. If the second veterinary opinion is still not favourable tomorrow at noon, our lovely, vibrant Bobi will be PTS :(

Please sign and share, make it go viral, please let’s show the RSPCA the strength of feeling against their actions. Thank you!


View the petition:



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Subject: Sign the Petition to the RSPCA: Stop the Killing of Disabled Dog Bobi & Give Him Back to His Legal Owners


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Public policy on Japanese whaling lost in a sea of ambivalence

Andrew Hunter

A Japanese whaling fleet is approaching Antarctic waters claimed by Australia. Scores of giant mammals will soon endure a long, painful death in Australian waters.

Most Australians will be horrified by these events. Our government has sent aircraft to ”monitor” all parties but seems lost in a sea of ambivalence. Meanwhile, the world awaits the International Court of Justice’s decision on Whaling in the Antarctic …

The Canberra Times – December 30, 2013



Panther Love, topped the list in 2013 for the protection of species

Posted by yasam

Panther Love has seen its population “increase of 50% over the last five years”, according to the Swiss branch of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). “This is a brilliant success, even if the total number of animals remains low, with 50 individuals“, says the organization. This increase in the number of panthers Love is mainly due to the creation of a new national park in the Russian Far East …

Racers Republic – December 29, 2013



Scottish marine life under threat, says WWF

By Nicky Stubbs

If politicians do not “step up” efforts to tackle pollution, Scotland’s marine life faces long-term damage, the WWF has said.

The warnings come just a day after four new species were discovered in the country’s waters, and coincide with the publication of a report, Marine Climate Change Impacts Report Card 2013 ( www.mccip.org.uk/media/18758/m… ), which summarises the research from 150 government and academic scientists over the past 12 months …

Blue & Green Tomorrow – December 29th, 2013



The Global War Against Nature

Dr. Reese Halter
Broadcaster, Conservation Biologist, Educator

… There’s a crisis of epic proportion occurring on our planet 24/7, 365: ‘The War Against Nature’ ( www.huffingtonpost.com/dr-rees… ) has become a prolonged looting spree — plundering terrestrial and oceanic wildlife on a global tear never witnessed before. The fact that the Mafia, Syndicate, Cartel and Triad’s are involved heavily in shark fining, slaughtering bluefin tuna, massacring rhinos, elephants and tigers — as the demand for rhino horns, elephant ivory, fur and animals parts skyrockets — means these incredible beasts and others have no chance whatsoever to continue to live ( www.huffingtonpost.com/dr-rees… ) on planet Earth …

Huffington Post – Posted: 12/28/2013 3:00 pm



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More Greenpeace activists leave Russia

MOSCOW – Six more of the 30 Greenpeace activists arrested in a protest over Arctic oil drilling left Russia on Friday after being granted an amnesty, the environmental group said.
The departure of the five Britons and one Canadian follows that of the first of the “Arctic 30″ to leave Russia on Thursday. All 26 non-Russian activists have now obtained clearance to leave, Greenpeace said …

InCyprus – 27 December 2013 19:50



Gap and Zara Ban Angora Fur Following Outcry Over Cruelty to Bunnies (Video)

Callie Beusman on Jezebel

Following mounting pressure from EVERY HUMAN WITH A CONSCIENCE, Gap and Zara have joined several other retailers ( jezebel.com/stores-suspend-ang… ) in (temporarily) banning products made with angora fur. Like something in which the wicked and depraved antagonist of a YA novel would shroud their withered heart, angora fur is commonly gathered by tying sweet little rabbits to wooden planks and then tearing all of their body hair out by the follicles while they scream in agony …

Jezebel – 27 December 2013



Oceans: New study could help protect endangered whales from impacts of seismic airgun blasting

by Bob Berwyn

Conservation advocates call for expansion of protective zones and seasonal closures

By Summit Voice

FRISCO — Endangered North Atlantic right whales may be more at risk from oil exploration (summitcountyvoice.com/2013/04/…) than previously thought …

Summit County Citizens Voice – December 27, 2013



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Elephant cannot be shifted as it is aggressive, state tells HC


Mumbai: The Maharashtra government has informed the Bombay High Court that it has not been possible to shift elephant ‘Sunder’ of Jyotiba Temple from Warnanagar in Kolhapur to a sanctuary in Bangalore because it was not cooperating.

Hearing a petition filed by People for Ethical Treatment to Animals (PETA), the court had earlier ordered the state to shift the pachyderm to a Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre in Bangalore in accordance with an order passed by Forest Department …

Zee News – Thursday, December 26, 2013, 19:06



Greenpeace Activists Start Getting Visas To Leave Russia

By Mark Memmott

The next step has been taken in what some observers say is Russian President Vladimir Putin’s bid to burnish his country’s reputation before February’s Winter Olympic Games in Sochi: …

Alabama Public Radio – 8:18 am Thu December 26, 2013



‘Scientific’ Whaling’s Political Battle Begins


The Governments of Australia, the Netherlands, New Zealand and the United States have jointly issued a statement saying they condemn any actions at sea that may cause injury, loss of human life or damage to property or the marine environment during the 2013/14 Southern Ocean whaling season. The statement notes specifically the harshness and remoteness of the waters …

The Maritime Executive – December 25, 2013



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Russia closes cases against Greenpeace activists


MOSCOW: Russia on Wednesday dropped all but one of the cases against 30 crew members of a Greenpeace protest ship, marking the “final chapter” in a three-month criminal probe, the environmental group said …

Channel News Asia – POSTED: 26 Dec 2013 00:37



PETA enlists porn legend Ron Jeremy in struggle against experiments on rat penises

Eric Owens
Education Editor

In an open letter to the National Institute of Health (NIH) earlier this month, legendary porn star Ron Jeremy demanded that university laboratories around the country stop scientific experiments involving the genitals of rats, mice and other animals …

Daily Caller – 8:36 AM 12/25/2013



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Anti-whaling group attacks Greg Hunt over breaking election promise

Goya Dmytryshchak

Anti-whaling activists have slammed the federal government for breaking an election promise to send a ship to monitor Japanese whaling in the Southern Ocean.

Environment Minister Greg Hunt said on Sunday that an A319 aircraft staffed by Customs officials would be sent instead.

Sea Shepherd Australian director Jeff Hansen, whose conservation society last week sent three vessels from Melbourne and Hobart to intercept the Japanese whaling fleet, said a plane was of no use …

Sydney Morning Herald – December 23, 2013



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Activists slam government for ‘breaking promise’ on monitoring of Japanese whaling

Goya Dmytryshchak

Anti-whaling activists have slammed the federal government for breaking a pre-election promise to send a ship to monitor Japanese whaling in the Southern Ocean.

Environment Minister Greg Hunt said on Sunday an A319 aircraft staffed by customs would instead be sent to observe whalers and environmental activists …

Sydney Morning Herald – December 23, 2013



Australia to monitor Japan’s whale hunt from the air

By Rebecca Quilliam

Australia will be monitoring Japan’s whale hunt from the air instead of the sea in a decision both the Greens and whaling protesters have called a broken election promise.

Environment Minister Greg Hunt said “the world is watching” as he announced that customs and border protection officials will use an Airbus A319 for aerial surveillance on both protesters and whalers …

New Zealand Herald – 7:52 AM Monday Dec 23, 2013



Government accused of breaking election promise over Japanese whaling in Southern Ocean

The Federal Government has been accused of breaking an election promise by sending a plane instead of a boat to monitor Japanese whaling in the Southern Ocean …

ABC Online – First posted Sun 22 Dec 2013, 6:35 pm AEDT



Australia’s new government under fire for not doing enough to protect whales

by Charlie Smith

The Sea Shepherd Society has slammed how the new government of Australia is responding to Japanese whaling ( www.straight.com/news/551731/s… ) in the Antarctic.

In a news release issued today, the group’s Australian chapter pointed out that before the election, the Liberal Party in Australia promised to send a vessel to monitor Japan’s annual hunt.

But now, the Tony Abbott–led regime is only going to send aircraft ( www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-… ), hoping this will prevent conflict between the Sea Shepherd Society and the whalers …

Straight.com – Dec 22, 2013 at 10:53 am



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Whale meat imports set after 23 yrs

The Yomiuri Shimbun

A Japanese firm that has played a central role in research whaling will soon launch full-scale whale meat imports after a 23-year hiatus as a result of a drop in hauls due to obstruction by the Sea Shepherd antiwhaling group, The Yomiuri Shimbun has learned.

Kyodo Senpaku Kaisha, Ltd., a Tokyo-based shipping company, is expected to import about 30 tons of minke whale meat from Norway early next year, sources close to the deal said …

The Japan News – December 21, 2013



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Calls for calm as Japanese whaling season begins

By: Newstalk ZB staff | New Zealand News

PARLIAMENT – With the Japanese steaming towards their Antarctic whale hunting grounds, governments are calling for calm on the Southern Ocean …

Newstalk ZB – Saturday December 21 2013 7:50



Anti-whaling nations warn against violence

Written by Oman Observer in International

WELLINGTON — Anti-whaling nations including the United States yesterday warned environmentalists and Japanese whalers against taking action that endangers human life as an annual confrontation brews in the remote Southern Ocean …

Oman Daily Observer – Friday 20th, December 2013 / 22:42



Benjamin Rasmussen takes pictures of Faroe Island Whale killings

It’s a tradition harking back to the 1500′s on the remote Faroe Islands, located 200 miles off the coast of Scotland. The annual murdering of whales for their blubber and meat. This despite health officials warning that the meat ever be eaten, save once a month …

Scallywagandvagabond – Posted: 12/20/2013



PETA Asks Teenage Bear Mauling Victim Camille Bomboy To Stop Hunting (VIDEO)

By Meredith Bennett-Smith

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has come under fire this week after the animal-rights group sent a letter to the teenage victim of a bear mauling, suggesting that she stop hunting …

Huffington Post – Posted: 12/20/2013 1:42 pm EST



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