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Garuda Bans Shark Fin Transport on Flights: WWF-Indonesia

By Jakarta Globe

The World Wildlife Fund-Indonesia praised the nation’s flagship carrier Garuda-Indonesia on Friday for banning the transportation of shark fins aboard all flights.

The blanket embargo, effective on Oct. 8, has Garuda joining a growing list of international airlines taking a stance against the destructive practice. Air New Zealand, Cathay Pacific, Emirates Airlines, Fiji Airways and Korean Air are among the carriers to ban the transport of shark fins, the statement read …

Jakarta Globe – 7:04 pm November 15, 2013…


Environmental Crime of the 20th Century

By Charles Homans

Fifty years ago 180,000 whales disappeared from the oceans without a trace, and researchers are still trying to make sense of why. Inside the most irrational environmental crime of the century …

Malaysia Sun – November 12, 2013…


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Paul McCartney Pens Letter to Putin in Support of Greenpeace

by Lindsey Little

One month ago, Sir Paul McCartney wrote a letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin urging the release of the Greenpeace prisoners, now known as the Arctic 30 (… ). Today the Beatles legend posted that letter on his blog. It reads: …

Ecorazzi – November 14, 2013…


New PETA Video Actually Tackles Animal Cruelty

by Dodai Stewart

This holiday season, instead of shoving naked women covered in cabbage down our throats, PETA has released a video that cuts (oof) to the chase about factory farming and animal cruelty …

Jezebel – November 14, 2013 12:30 pm…


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Paul Watson decries ‘terrorist’ label

November 13, 2013 (AFP) – Fugitive eco-activist Paul Watson said Wednesday that green warriors were being classed as “terrorists” and accused Japan of coercing other countries into making demands for his arrest …

Inside Costa Rica – Wednesday, November 13th, 2013…


Soviet criminality and whale massacres

Duane Jeffery – Correspondent

Suppose that we developed a highly efficient new technique for harvesting our deer herds. The first four years of use we harvest massive numbers of the animals, but in the fifth year we found almost none left, and many of those left were youngsters — very few adults to be found. Would this say that we were in danger of driving the species to extinction? …

Daily Herald – Wednesday, November 13th, 2013…


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Ending Japan’s great cetacean hunt

Sarah Baulch

Japan’s hunting of cetaceans has become a rallying point for nationalists, but demand for their meat is falling amid worries about toxic pollution. Fukushima could just prove to be the last straw for a declining industry …

The Ecologist – 12th November 2013…

More information:

Japanese whaling, unsustainable and irresponsible: UK study…


SeaWorld argues killer-whale case in appeals court hearing

By Mark K. Matthews, Orlando Sentinel

WASHINGTON — Should government regulators have the power to tell SeaWorld (… ) how close its trainers can get to killer whales at its marine parks?

That question is at the heart of a legal fight between SeaWorld Entertainment Inc. (… ) and federal watchdogs that flared up again today when the two sides made arguments to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit …

Orlando Sentinel – 2:03 p.m. EST, November 12, 2013…


Soi Dog Supporters News November 2013

Dear Friends and Supporters of Soi Dog,

Welcome to the November Soi Dog Foundation newsletter. It is because of your support that the work presented in this newsletter was able to happen and can continue. For that we would like to extend a huge thank you. You are making a difference to the dogs and cats of Thailand.

Best Wishes,

John and Gill Dalley and the Soi Dog Foundation Team


More information:…

From: “The Soi Dog Foundation”


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Martina Patterson (Tue, 12 Nov 2013 17:21)


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Sea Shepherd seeks no-arrest guarantee

David Beniuk – AAP

NEWLY landed Sea Shepherd founder Paul Watson wants assurances he won’t be handed over to Japanese authorities before considering a visit to Australia.

Mr Watson, who is in the US after 15 months on the run at sea, has been granted an Australian business visa.

But Sea Shepherd Australia chairman Bob Brown says Mr Watson isn’t yet intending to use the visa …

The Daily Telegraph – November 11, 2013 9:27 PM…


Atlanta Mosque Calls for Mass Slaughter of Animals to Satisfy Allah’s Blood Lust! (Video)…

From: Dr. Grabowski Annamaria


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Animal Testing in China: An Update

Posted by PETA UK

Supporters have been asking us about headlines announcing a change in China’s animal testing regulations … (press release) (blog) – Mon, 11 Nov 2013 11:20 AM…


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No break for anti-whalers

Nicola Berkovic

ANTI-WHALING group Sea Shepherd Australia has lost its final court bid to obtain tax-deductible status.

The High Court on Friday delivered a financial blow to the militant anti-whaling group, refusing to hear an appeal that might have delivered the group tax-deductible status and ordering it to pay the tax commissioner’s legal costs …

The Australian – November 11, 2013 12:00 AM…


Video: Dramatic footage of Greenpeace ship raid

The footage, shot on September 19, shows a Russian helicopter hovering over the deck of Greenpeace’s Arctic Sunrise. Armed men drop on to the deck, while members of the Greenpeace crew are seen with their hands in the air …

Belfast Telegraph – Sunday 10 November 2013…


The Heartbreaking Poaching Epidemic You Haven’t Heard About Yet

Another ‘Blackfish’ Black Eye for SeaWorld: Teens Plea for Park to Free Captive Killer Whales | When Cruelty Comes Masked as Animal Welfare | And More |

View Online Version:…

From: TakePart


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Video Shows Russians Seizing Greenpeace Ship

Greenpeace has released new footage showing the moment its ship was seized by Russian authorities in September.

The Arctic Sunrise crew were protesting oil drilling in the Arctic Ocean and claim their actions were legal because they were in international waters …

KL.FM 96.7 – Updated 8:00 pm 9th November 2013…


SeaWorld goes to court over killer whales

By Lori Weisberg

A carefully choreographed ballet in which humans and orcas glide and cavort in the water has long been a compelling part of SeaWorld’s signature Shamu show — until February 2010 when a trainer at the Orlando park lost her life after being attacked by a 12,000-pound killer whale …

U-T San Diego – 9 a.m. Nov. 9, 2013…


Stop Senseless Badger Killing!

A Badger Cull Is Not The Solution!

The UK government recently enacted a death sentence on local badger populations in an effort to slow the spread of bovine tuberculosis. Unfortunately, new evidence suggests that this will only make things worse.


More information:…

From: “Take Action! at GreaterGood Network”


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WWF supports Maldives management

WWF Pakistan is to support Maldives in its efforts to provide sustainable management of tuna in the Indian Ocean during the next three years.

WWF Pakistan in collaboration with WWF’s Smart Fishing Initiative (SFI) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture (MoFA), Government of Maldives, through its Marine Research Centre (MRC) …

World Fishing – 08 Nov 2013…


PETA protests SeaWorld float in Rose Parade (Video)

Rob Hayes

PASADENA, Calif. (KABC) — Come January, the Tournament of Roses Parade will once again roll through Pasadena. But on Thursday, Rose Parade protesters unhappy with a SeaWorld float lined the streets instead.

SeaWorld recently unveiled their orca-themed float on their website. Protesters from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) say the entry doesn’t float with them … – November 08, 2013…


Gordon Ramsay Shamed for Selling Vile Foie Gras From Tortured Birds – Again (Video)

Posted by Anne

Disturbing footage (… ) released last night reveals horrific cruelty to animals on foie gras farms that supply celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay. In windowless sheds, row upon row of ducks are kept in tiny filthy cages with no space to move, covered in their own vomit, with painful broken wings and beaks, abscesses, eye injuries and bloody sores. Dying birds collapse panting from illness and exhaustion caused by the relentless ordeal of being force-fed grain through a tube several times a day. After weeks of this misery, the surviving birds are shoved into crates and sent to be slaughtered … (press release) (blog) – November 8th, 2013, 11:54 AM…


Tipsy Turkeys: N.H. Farmer Feeds Thanksgiving Birds Beer for Flavor, Size

A New Hampshire farmer says beer makes birds fatter, more flavorful and juicier


When it comes to pairing beer with poultry, Joe Morette isn’t too fussy. His turkeys will drink just about anything.

Morette, who is raising about 50 Thanksgiving turkeys on his New Hampshire farm this year, has been giving his birds beer since 1993, when he and his workers popped open a few cans after work on a hot July day. A turkey knocked one over and started drinking, he said, and they’ve been sipping the suds ever since …

NBC Bay Area – Nov 8, 2013 | Updated 10:05 AM PST…


PRESS RELEASE: Spanish brand seriously damaged by the declaration of bullfighting Cultural Heritage

International NGO’s believe Spain’s image has been seriously damaged by yesterday’s declaration of bullfighting as cultural heritage of the country.

An international delegation of animal protection NGO’s which recently visited the House and Senate on behalf of 103 NGOs from 29 countries have expressed their dismay at the decision of the members of the Spanish Senate to vote in favor of a legislation that seeks that bullfighting be promoted and protected by the Spanish State … – November 7th, 2013, 22:25…


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Foie Gras: scandale dans les palaces parisiens (Video)

Stop aux élevages honteux de foie gras!…

Stop aux élevages de la honte qui fournissent le foie gras des palaces parisiens!
Le foie gras est produit dans des conditions effroyables pour les animaux : canards immobilisés dans des cages minuscules, blessés, agonisants, gavés mécaniquement à la chaîne.
Soutenons L214 dans son combat contre ces élevages et cette consommation!


From: MesOpinions…


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Help Prevent Senseless Turtle Deaths! | 20% Off Any Item

We’re Losing Loggerhead Turtles By The Thousands

The critically endangered loggerhead sea turtle continues to be accidentally caught by commercial fishing nets, further depleting its already compromised population. The highest concentration of deaths occurs in Pacific waters near the coast of Baja California, Mexico …

More information:…

From: “Take Action! at GreaterGood Network”


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Vegan Message Comes to Dublin and Belfast!

Posted by Anne

A curious sight greeted anyone who happened to be passing by Dublin’s Henry Street on Wednesday or Belfast’s Arthur Square on Thursday: a scantily-clad PETA supporter lying on a person-sized plate, drizzled with sauce, alongside a pile of vegetables and a gigantic knife and fork … (press release) (blog) – November 07, 2013 3:52 PM…


PETA plans ads with one image for adults, another bloody one for children / Poll

By Donita Naylor

PROVIDENCE, R.I. — People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals plans to run ads in bus shelters showing a traditional Thanksgiving image to adults and a different, bloody, image to children, the organization said in a news release …

The Providence Journal – November 07, 2013 12:06 PM…


‘We’re not pirates,’ anti-whaling sailor Paul Watson tells Seattle court

By Mike Carter
Seattle Times staff reporter

Activist sea captain Paul Watson, star of the reality-TV show “Whale Wars,” says he’s no pirate at a hearing to determine whether he violated a court order to stay away from Japanese whalers …

The Seattle Times – November 7, 2013 at 5:42 AM…


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International court considers Dutch call for Greenpeace activists held in Russia to be freed (Video)

An international court is considering a Dutch call for Russia to immediately release 30 people held after a Greenpeace protest against oil drilling in the Arctic.

A Dutch government representative said Russia had “violated the human rights” of the activists and detained them for seven weeks “without grounds” …

Euronews – 06/11 14:36 CET…


Winners, losers, observers, culprits: Whalefest explores Arctic sea change

By Mary Catharine Martin | Capital City Weekly

The 17th annual Sitka Whalefest explored the past, present and future of the Arctic, focusing in part on the animal “winners and losers” climate change will create.

It also provided some pretty darn interesting information, part of its goal of making science accessible. Scientists spoke on the subjects of their research – bowhead whales, polar bears, whaling, seals and narwhals, among others. The Whalefest also included marine wildlife cruises, a 5K run/walk, concert, and filmfest …

Capital city weekly – 11/6/2013 – 1:37 pm…


Sea Shepherd founder in court in Seattle after Japanese whalers threaten fines (Video)

The anti-whaling activist and founder of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Paul Watson is due to take the witness stand in a contempt of court hearing in Seattle.

Japan’s Institute of Cetacean Research brought the case before the US courts and claims Sea Shepherd has broken a US ruling which says ships must remain 457 metres from whaling vessels at all times …

Euronews – 06/11 12:58 CET…


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